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Shield.  Azure (Dark Blue), a whale’s tail couped Proper, below three mullets in chief chevronwise reversed Argent, the mullet in center larger than the other two.


Crest.  From a wreath of the colors Argent and Azure (Dark Blue), upon a grassy mound, the Sankaty Lighthouse surmounting the sun; all Proper.


Motto.  A scroll Azure, doubled Or, the inscription “DOMINAE GRISEAE MARIS” Argent.



Shield.  The colors depicted represent the professional attributes the United States Navy wants to foster within each individual service member.  White and gray represent peace and sincerity.  Blue refers to truth and loyalty.  The three stars honor former ships of the same name.  Adapted from the Massachusetts State Flag, the bolder star in center denotes Massachusetts as one of the original 13 colonies that helped create the Union ratifying the Constitution.  The whale fluke has two meanings, the first being the vast wealth the whaling industry brought to the island of Nantucket and the United States, creating trade and economic growth.  The second meaning is derived from the infamous Moby Dick story.  The author, Herman Melville, was inspired by the story of the sinking of the whaleship ESSEX, under the command of George Pollard, Jr.  The well-known encounter of the ESSEX and a mighty sperm whale led to the notably known book Moby Dick.

Crest.  The wreath adopts the first-named metal and color from the shield and blazon.  The Sankaty Lighthouse is an iconic building that sits at the island’s far Eastern shore, lighting the way for ships into port.  Sitting behind the lighthouse, the sun alludes to the geographical location of Nantucket, expressing how the first light of dawn touches there before any other area in Massachusetts.  Yellow conveys the binding love that endures for a service member’s loved ones back home.  The red stripe on the lighthouse symbolizes military strength.

Supporters.  The double-flue harpoon is the tool used for conquering massive whales.  The cutlass symbolizes the Navy’s strength and willingness to defend our country and pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Motto.  The ship’s Latin motto, “DOMINAE GRISEAE MARIS,” translates to Nantucket’s nickname, “Gray Lady of the Sea.”  This nickname comes from the thick fogs that regularly roll in from the sea and blanket the island, reflecting the gray hue from the cedar shingles that patina in the weather. 


Seal.  The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white oblong disc within a dark blue designation band, edged with a yellow chain border and bearing the name “USS NANTUCKET” at the top and “LCS 27” at the base.

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